Dec 17, 2013

FGCU Loses Double OT Nailbiter To USF

Final Play
Yes, Jamail Jones just made FGCU rethink of creating a football team. Yes, Chase Fieler is a magician. But let's get down to the nitty gritty. Fieler did get the "shot" off in time.

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But according to the Trent Tucker Rule, which was adopted by the NCAA in 2001, if .3 seconds or less are left on the clock, the only field goal allowed is a "tip-in". Because the ball was clearly out of Fieler's hands by the time the clock expired, the logically explanation is that the refs deemed it a "shot" and not a "tip-in".

"In any period, when the game clock displays 10ths of seconds and play is to be resumed by a throw-in or a free throw when 3/10 (.3) of a second or less remains on the game clock, a player may not gain possession of the ball and try for a field goal. Such player can only score a field goal by means of a tap of the pass or of a missed free throw." NCAA Rule 5, Section 1, Article 18

Other Game Thoughts
• Nate Hicks scored zero points, yet played out of his mind. He grabbed 19 boards and was the sole reason FGCU out rebounded a larger USF squad.
• Bernard Thompson seems to have put that ankle injury behind him. On the night, he poured in 32 points and nailed a huge three to put the Eagles in the situation they were in.
• With 9:39 left in regulation the Eagles had a nine point lead. The difference between good teams and great teams is that the "great" ones can open that up to double digits and put the game away.

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