May 16, 2013

Sherwood Brown Interview Extended

I was able to ask Sherwood Brown some other questions, along with the Road To the NBA. Here are his responses. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments/suggestions.

"Coach Enfield is a really good shooter, one thing he definitely helped me with was my shooting form, he took my shooting form to another level, made me a more consistent shooter. Also he helped me work on 1 on 1 moves to help become a better all around scorer. He gave me confidence. You can't do much in this type of business unless you have a lot of confidence."

"The pace of the game, its definitely a lot faster pace than in college but even though, our team we played at a very fast pace anyways so I don't think it will be too hard for me to adjust to. But its a long season, one thing I definitely have to be able to do is take care of my body the whole season, stay durable."

"One thing I have always been good at is rebounding the ball, for my size. No matter what level. My coach always said 'If you're a good rebounder in high school, you're going to be a good rebounder in college, you're going to be a good rebounder in the next level, wherever you end up. That is definitely something I can take to the next level."

"When I started going to FGCU, one thing I definitely wanted to do is be the beginning of something new, so it just feels that much better when you set out do to something and you accomplish that goal."

"We had a pretty good season, we lost some games that we felt we should have won but we also won some games that were total confidence boosters, we beat University of Miami, that was a huge confidence booster for us. We played Duke, we played them tough, that was also a big confidence booster. After we went into the tournament, we knew he had a really good team we just had to keep everyone on the same page at the right time and that's what we did, we just got on a good little winning streak and carried it on."

"We beat Georgetown. A lot of teams, after the win the first game, then they just satisfy, but we were always hungry and that helped lead us to more victories."

"Its definitely a dream come true. Everyone has a dream, every basketball player has a dream of playing in the NBA and so to actually get a chance to make my dream become a reality is just really special to me"

"Yeah, coming out of high school I was always the underdog and it helped me, its just gave me that motivation to play hard and get better. Me being the underdog, something that I'm used to so I just gotta take that hunger and continue to do what I do best and stay motivated"
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