May 20, 2013

Jamail Jones Interview

Photo Courtesy of Linwood Ferguson
I had the opportunity to interview Jamail Jones, Marquette transfer, who will finally step out on the court next year for FGCU. He is a 6'6" F/G with great athleticism and talent; Jones played senior year at Montverde Academy and was #53 on ESPN 150. Be sure to thank Jamail Jones for stopping by and enjoy.

 Liam Jones: You obviously have practiced with new coach Joe Dooley, how do you think it compares to practices with Coach Enfield?

Jamail Jones: "Coach Enfield was a little more relaxed, Dooley is relaxed but a little bit more intense and more disciplined and expects us to do these things when Coach Enfield really gave us a more free lance type of deal."

LJ: You transferred to FGCU and now have gone through a coaching change, how do you stay focused on improving your game while going through these changes?

Photo Courtesy of Linwood Ferguson
JJ: "I'm not gonna lie, when I first hear Coach Enfield was leaving, it was kind of a shock but not really a shock because me and him discussed it if like a opportunity were to come, he would obviously take it if it was a better situation than what he was in but as far as, I don't really let which coach dictate how I play. I always give a 110% percent and listen to coaches so I just have been working extremely hard to prepare my game and help my teammates."

LJ: When you transferred, what was attractive about FGCU, the university and the basketball program, and do you think that is still there today with Enfield leaving?

JJ: "He was a pretty big reason why I came but when I initially enrolled in school, change isn't always bad, obviously the change for me was good, the program, the coaching staff that we have, the student body, the campus, everything is so FGCU, and I'm happy to be here even with Enfield is gone because I developed that relationship with my assistant coaches, with the students, with my teammates so it was really about him [Enfield] before I got there but once I got there it became much bigger than just the relationship I had with him."

Photo Courtesy of Linwood Ferguson
LJ: Coach Dooley just added Tulane transfer Marc Eddy-Norelia, what is your advice for him and other transfers to stay motivated even with a year of sitting out?

JJ: "I know I could tell them that a year sitting out, its no fun but you just have to approach it as if you were playing. What helped me get through my year was coaches not taking it easy on my just because I had a year sitting out, they treated me as if I was suiting up for each and every game and you just have to take that. That year will go by fast and treating like that will help expedite the process.

LJ: Sitting out, you can still practice but how do you stay on top of your game without that fast paced in game action?

JJ: That aspect is pretty tough but you just have to stay on your conditioning, that is the most vital things but it is also one of the hardest things to do because you feel 'I have a long year ahead of me, I don't really have to work on my conditioning' well before you know it, the year will be over. So that extra conditioning will always keep you in tip top shape cause practicing with the team will help you but once they go on road trips, you don't have practice everyday. They leave on a Wednesday and don't get back until Sunday, you have to take it upon yourself to get to the gym and the treadmill, ride the bike or whatever. It is a tough process but also helps you develop into a young man."

LJ: What is the part of your game that you think will most benefit the teams overall performance?

JJ: "Main thing, is leadership. There were some times during the season where we had some rough patches, we lost 2 or 3 game losing streak and I feel that during those tough times we didn't really have one leader to step up and hold people accountable and hold themselves accountable and pull the team together when there are tough times in a game. I feel that I get along with my teammates and it is one of the vital aspects of a team. Me, I'm all about the team, whether I score 20 points, it doesn't really matter, as long as we win.

LJ: None of you want to be a one and done team, how do you guys continue to stay focused for next year and strive to be even better?

JJ: "Not being complacent, we have to remember what got us there and continue to build on top of that. Now we know what it takes and people know that our school is not a push over, we are a legitimate Division I team, now we have to continue to live up to that. Teams will now look at us 'We can't take these guys lightly, NCAA tournament, they got the nickname Dunk City'. We have to come into every game like we have a target. We can get complacent or we can get hungrier but not too greedy."

(All photos were taken by Linwood Ferguson during FGCU scrimmage in 2012)
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